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Vaishno Mata Durga Bhajan Temple

Shiv Sakti Peeth can perform a special Durga Pooja for you and your family. You can send your donation to the address listed above. With your donation, you can request Vibhuti (a blessing) from the temple and it will be sent to you via mail. Contact Swami Puri Ji at the phone number listed above to request a special Pooja for yourself.

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"Sarav Mangal Mangle, Shive Sarvarth Sadhike
Sharanye Triambike Gauri, Narayani Namastute"


| Mantras by Pundit Mishra


Start your prayer now. Turn your speakers on and click on the links below. To listen to all these prayers you will need Windows Media Player. You can get this free plug-in from the Microsoft web site.

Online Bhajan temple prayers

Vaishno Mata Bhajan Temple audio files: Namawali - Devi Pooja

Live Program: Durga Pooja by swami Ji at ShivShakti Temple

A Bhajan by Gulshan Kumar (Hindi Film): Aa ja Ma

A mata bhajan (Live at ShivShakti Temple): at Durga Pooja

Lecture: Swami Harish Chander on Durga Pooja

A Bhajan: Asan yogian da bhesh bana liya

A Bhajan: Mata Vaishno ke aaye jagte

Jai mata Aarti

Dhiyan Karo Shera Wali Da

Beta Jo Bulaye Ma ko Aana Chahiye

Jago Hey Jagdumbe Jago Hey Jwala

Jai Jai Ambe Jai Jagdumbe

Sacha Hai Ma Tera Darbar

Jai Jai Jagdambe Ambe Bhawani

Kabhi Durga Ban Ke

Ma Churian

Phulan Da Banaya Tera Haar Sheranwaliye

Listen to programs at Shiv Shakti Peeth: Vaishno Mata bhajan temple:

Swami Harish Chander Puri | Phone: (718) 445-0918

Swami Puri Ji at Shiv Shakti Peeth temple can perform a personal prayer for you. For all occasions such as weddings, birthdays, astrology, special poojas & japa, personal consultations and other spiritual needs contact Swami Ji at 718-445-0918.

swami_harish_chander_puri Lecture: Hindu Dharma teachings
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Lecture: Kapil Dev Muni teachings part 1
  Lecture: Kapil Dev Muni teachings part 2
  Lecture: Rama reachings
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Shiv Shakti Peeth is a center for spiritual enlightenment for Hindus in New York. Shiv Shakti Peeth was originally established in Kurukshetra, India by Swami Harishchander Puri. Now this organization serves the Indian community in New York as well with religious programs on weekly basis.

This site is about prayers to God. It includes favorite bhajans from Hindu religion, mantras and prayers. It features onlinel indian temple bhajans such as Radhe Krishna temple bhajans, Ganesha temple bhajans, Vaishno mata temple bhajans, Hanumana tample bhajans, Parvati Shiva temple bhajans and Sita Rama temple bhajans. We invite you to join us in the online prayer experience.

Click the links below to proceed with your prayer:

Radhe Krishna Temple prayers Jai Ganesh Ji Temple prayer

Swami Narayana Pooja

Vaisho Mata Temple Durga Pooja
Jai Hanumana Temple prayers Parvati Shiva Temple online prayers   Sita Rama Temple online prayer

Rudraksh now available at the temple: Lean about Rudraksha

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